Wraparound Antenna


The Haigh-Farr Wraparound™ is a self-contained omnidirectional antenna for cylindrical or conical shaped bodies. A single point feed is used and no external splitters, combiners or cable harnesses are required for installation. The antenna is conformal, and may be mounted flush, or on the exterior of the vehicle.


  • Omnidirectional: Full Spherical Coverage
  • 300 MHz to 13 GHz
  • Multi-Channel Designs
  • Single Point Feed
  • No External Dividers and Cables Required
  • Thin, Aerodynamic Shape
  • Conformal - Flush or External Mounting
  • Fastened or Bonded to the Vehicle
  • OEM or Retro-Fit Applications
  • Rugged Construction - Designed for High-G, High Radial G


  • Launch Vehicles, Atmospheric Rockets, Missiles
  • High Speed UAV’s and Targets
  • Artillery Rounds
  • Spacecraft, Guided Bombs
  • Scoring Systems
  • Oil Rigs