NetAcquire systems provide compact weather-resistance packaging for remote monitoring and control. Remote access is available using dial-up modem, wireless cellular, or the Internet. Local data archiving saves critical monitor data for later retrieval. Data is available remotely using a Web browser.Remote Oil Field Monitoring

  • Handheld size with extended temperature range and weatherproof enclosure
  • Flexible power supply requirements of 8-30 volts DC or line AC
  • Data archiving saves measurements for later retrieval
  • All measurement data and configurations saved to nonvolatile memory
  • Local NetAcquire processing allows autonomous control of remote equipment
  • Selectable analog, digital, and serial I/O channel counts




Our products

  • Industrial PCs
  • Fault tolerant & Rugged Industrial Computers
  • Industrial LCD and VGA Monitors
  • Industrial Workstation
  • Medical Grade Computers
  • Fanless Embedded PC 104
  • CAPA boards & Systems
  • CAPA boards & Systems
  • Multiport RS232
  • RS422
  • RS485 Communication cards
  • Data Storage Solutions DOC & DOM
  • Standard Alone Data Acquisition System
  • DAQ boards for PCI & ISA based buses
  • Embedded controllers for Automation
  • Ethernet servers & motion controllers boards
  • Radio modem