Quasonix’ multi-mode, multi-symbol trellis demodulator shatters performance benchmarks of the industry’s previous standard bearers.

Unlike the competition, DMS™ offers multi-symbol trellis demodulation for all ARTM waveforms (PCM/FM, SOQPSK-TG, and Multi-h CPM), which provides superior detection at low signalto- noise ratios.DMS will not only detect at higher bit error rates, but it will also synchronize much faster than the competition. Furthermore, its sync threshold is extremely low – approaching negative signal-to-noise ratios. The result is better data, sooner.The rack-mount model, available as a single, dual, or quad demod, offers an intuitive front panel interface with four high-quality color LCDs for displaying configuration settings, status indicators, and constellation / eye patterns. Also included are function keys for each of the primary settings, a numeric key pad, and a USB port for in-field firmware upgrades.