Haigh Farr


Haigh-Farr’s thin, rugged GPS antennas are available at the L1 frequency or at both L1 and L2 in a single connector. GPS combined with other bands, such as S-band telemetry with integrated notch filters in a single package, are increasingly popular for area and weight reduction. Isolation levels of -30 to -40 dB with minimal insertion loss of 0.3 dB are typical.


  • Flat, Cylindrical, or Conical Shapes
  • Single Element or Wraparound™ Configurations
  • GPS L1 /L2 and Multi-Band Designs Available
  • Hemispherical or Spherical Coverage
  • Conformal - Flush or External Mounting
  • Rugged Construction - Built to Withstand Extreme Shock & Vibration Environments


  • Launch Vehicles
  • Atmospheric Rockets, Missiles and Projectiles
  • UAVs and Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Spacecraft
  • Targets
  • Guided Bombs