ARINC PC/104-Plus Interface Card

Data Recorder




  • Flexible - Fully selectable recording speed, number of channels, and input/output settings.
  • Convenient - Change all communication parameters remotely in the field.
  • Interoperable - Both IRIG 106 Chapter 10 file format and raw file formats.
  • Safe - Monitors the recording data size; if it exceeds a storage threshold, then older data is automatically removed to keep more recent data.
  • Independent - Simultaneous signal playback from recorded data files.
  • Accurate - Includes data time-stamping from the internal NetAcquire hardware clock or external clock sources.
  • Reliable - Power failure protection ensures that acquired data is written to the disk immediately and that the onboard disk file system is kept in a consistent state if power is lost.
  • Multi-tasking - Supports an unlimited number of simultaneous recording operations.
  • Expandable - Expansion up to 256 channels of PCM serial, Ethernet, analog, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429 and others.
  • Affordable - costs a fraction of the price of other data systems.
  • Simple - pre-installed and user-friendly Web-based graphical user interface.

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