ARINC PC/104-Plus Interface Card

Clear Sync



The Clear Sync design emphasizes data quality. Its digital design doesn’t use analog components that can drift out of calibration and affect performance. Each input channel uses low noise floor digitally controlled and tunable automatic gain control (AGC) and DC offset removal.

Next, the signal is passed into a super high-speed analogto- digital (ADC) converter having an ultra-low jitter sample clock input. The ADC runs at a much higher resolution (12 bit) than typical systems and at much higher speeds (extreme multiples of the bit rate) to extract the maximum information from the input signal. This extreme “over-sampling” in both amplitude and frequency provides the ultimate in high data quality input fed into the Clear Sync digital signal processor.


  • Data Rates to 20 or 30 Mbps, with Higher Speeds Available
  • Up to 16 Channels in one 4U Rackmount Chassis
  • Bit Error Rate within 1dB of Theoretical
  • Superior Performance in Harsh Noise Environments
  • Network Enabled – remote network configuration and advanced status monitoring
  • Network Streaming Data Output with Simultaneous PCM Output
  • IRIG-B Packet Time Stamping
  • Supports “Reverse Direction” Network Data to PCM Serial Output
  • Automatic Tracking Range Limit w/ User Override Option
  • 0.2 to 24 Vpp Input Range
  • Data Encapsulation feature sends data quality information to remote location as either PCM or network
  • Tight Integration with Frame Sync, Decom, and Network Output

Advanced GUI Status

  • Multi-user remote and local access
  • At-a-glance continuous signal, bit lock and frame lock status
  • Real-time graphing of input signal quality metric (SNR, Eb/N0)
  • Frequency tracking or frequency deviation tracking over time
  • Signal amplitude level tracking over time

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