Button Antenna


The Haigh-Farr Button antennas are designed for applications where size and weight are critical. Models cover frequencies ranging from UHF to X-Band, and provide the omnidirectional coverage of a monopole in a rugged package. Models 2107, 2207 and 13215 have a filled-in overhead null, and, therefore, provide the added benefit of full hemispherical coverage.


  • Omni-directional Coverage in Azimuth
  • Overhead Null in Elevation Pattern (Most Models)
  • Models 2107, 2207, 13215 have the overhead null filled in.
  • Frequencies from UHF to X-Band
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • High Impact Radome Material
  • Common Footprint (Most Models)
  • Built to Withstand Extreme Shock & Vibration Environments


  • Data Links, Telemetry, Transponder
  • Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs
  • Tactical Missiles
  • Ships
  • Ground-Based Vehicles
  • Single or Array Implementations with Power Dividers and Cables