Bit Sync


HighlightsNetAcquire Bit Sync

    • 20, 30, 40, and 60 Mbps performance options
    • Maximum data quality and noise rejection
    • Data encapsulation feature sends data quality information to remote location as either PCM or network
    • Integrated in one unit with frame sync, decommutation, and networking
    • Remote network configuration and advanced status monitoring
    • Up to 16 channels in one unit


NetAcquire's new Clear Sync technology integrates a state-of-the-art bit sync front end to any NetAcquire product's field-proven PCM serial capabilities.

The Clear Sync design emphasizes data quality. Its digital design has no analog components whose drift out of calibration would affect performance. Each input channel uses a low noise floor digitally controlled and tunable automatic DC offset removal and automatic gain control (AGC). This is followed by a super high-speed analog-to-digital (ADC) converter having an ultra-low jitter sample clock input. The ADC runs at higher resolution (12 bit) and higher speed (extreme multiples of the bit rate) to extract maximum information from the input signal. This over-sampling both in amplitude and frequency provides the ultimate data quality input to the Clear Sync digital signal processor. The FPGA-based digital processor implements a high precision phase detector and a sophisticated multi-loop tracking PLL with capabilities too challenging to implement in the analog domain while offering superior performance monitoring and software tuning. Next generation output clock frequency synthesis tracks to better than 0.1 parts per million (0.0000001%) resulting in highly accurate bit tracking even without data edges and even in the presence of high noise. Best of all, as NetAcquire advances the algorithms, Clear Sync provides in-field software and FPGA upgradeability, protecting your investment for the long term. 

The Clear Sync operation is controlled and monitored from any authorized, network-connected computer. This allows you to view real-time plots of the operation and change the input source, loop bandwidth, or other parameters from any computer on the network whether it is in the lab, in a different building or across the range. Better confidence in the bit sync tuning means more consistent signal quality. Asophisticated signal quality metric is continuously computed and this real-time data quality value is user-optionally included in the PCM serial or network output from the Clear Sync system.

User Remote Control & Status
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Built-in enhanced diagnostics allows remote system configuration and adjustments. For example, if the programmed bit sync rate is incorrect and no data is being received, that used to mean a trip to the antenna. Now you can change any parameter from your desk.


  • Advanced network-based GUI control & status with scrolling charts

  • Tight integration with frame sync, decom, and network output

  • Leading edge digital design

  • Bit sync up to 60 Mbps, 16 input channels per 4U chassis

  • 0.1 to 3% Loop Bandwidth adjustable in 0.1% steps

  • 0.2 to 24 Vpp input range with DC offset removal

  • Automatic tracking range limit with user override option

  • Viterbi decoding and ambiguity resolution options

  • Includes industry-unique "reverse direction" network data to PCM serial output

  • Real-time data quality measurement can be included in output PCM or network data stream

Advanced Real-Time Graphical Status

  • Frequency tracking or frequency deviation tracking over time

  • Signal amplitude level tracking over time

  • Real-time graphing of input signal quality metric (SNR, Eb/N0)

  • At-a-glance continuous signal, bit lock and frame lock status

NetAcquire CSS Screenshot

Actual Signal Recovery Example
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Powered by NetAcquire

Every NetAcquire system is built on top of the advanced network-centric NetAcquire software architecture. This means that every system has built-in configuration and monitoring using any standard Web browser, security management with individual user passwords, and real-time parameter monitoring and graphing. All NetAcquire systems support software upgrades via the network so that as networking protocols change, your investment is preserved. Advanced options can include features such as decommutation, correlating source selection, data archiving, data reformatting, publish/subscribe, BERT, simulation, and time synchronization.



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