Autotracking System

Best Selector For Multiple Autotracking Systems


  • Channels:Up to 32 bidirectional serial channels
  • Data rates: 0-30 Mbps with higher-speed options to 140 Mbps
  • Electrical: RS-422, RS-232, TTL, ECL, or LVDS
  • Parameters: Software-selectable word width, bit rate, clock recovery, NRZ-L/M/S, R-NRZ and Biphase-L/M/S bit encoding, MSB/LSB data alignment, data/clock polarity, sync/async/HDLC framing
  • Clocking: Internal and external transmit timing and adaptive or fixed receive timing
  • Frame synchronization: Sync word, width, mask, tolerance, strategy, and frame size parameters
  • Data Decommutation: Advanced frame support with subcommutation, embedded formats, and CCSDS support
  • Diagnostics: Selectable loopback and loop-out options and an optional integrated bit error rate tester