ARINC PC/104-Plus Interface Card

Advanced Telemetry Solutions




  • Acquire - fully-selectable serial bit rate, word width, encoding, alignment, and synchronization.
  • Distribute - telemetry is published to any number of network machines.
  • Display - integrated Java applets provide real-time telemetry display.
  • Administer - no software installation required; just use a Web browser.
  • Configure - change all communication parameters remotely in the field.
  • Record - selectable local disk archiving for maximum data integrity.
  • Simulate - on-board telemetry simulator, create an output data pattern or use a recording.
  • Protect - password-protect access to configurations and data.
  • Backup - support redundant and backup configurations.
  • Customize - create custom GUI displays of your data with the NetAcquire Java Client Toolkit or NetAcquire Windows Client Toolkit.
  • Extend - develop your own server software extensions with our open programming environment.
  • Decommutate - on-board decommutation with the NetAcquire Decom Option and Network Publish/Subscribe.

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